Happiness is a freshly cleaned property!

Founded in 2022 by Zivon AIS, AIS Cleaning is a full-service disinfecting and cleaning company in Douglasville. We bring a wide array of solutions to save your time and make your places sparkle like never before.

 We believe that cleaning your premises is a real pain in the neck. It’s a hassle. It takes up the precious time you’d otherwise have spent enjoying with your family. And despite pouring your sweat and blood into cleaning jobs, you still don’t get the kind of neatness that soothes eyes and makes your place a symbol of excellence.

At AIS Cleaning Service, we hear you!

By listening to your needs and leveraging our time-tested solutions, we’re able to take the burden of cleaning off your shoulder so that you can enjoy what you love the most.

For us, cleaning isn’t just about clearing the dust. It’s about creating a steak-free environment you’d feel happy living within.

Whether you want to transform your home’s vibe to impress the incoming guests or give your employees a one-of-a-kind feel to boost their productivity, AIS Cleaning is the partner you can rely on.

Meet the Founder

Your partner in your comfort!

AIS Cleaning Service is owned and operated by Zivon Ais; a professional with a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors. Zivon Ais currently serves as a county commissioner for the Douglas County Cemetery Commission, where they have gained extensive knowledge of local government operations and regulations.

In addition to their work as a county commissioner, Zivon Ais is a renowned public speaker who has delivered talks on a wide range of topics to audiences across the country. Their expertise in public speaking has helped them to develop excellent communication skills, which they use to connect with clients and colleagues alike.

With Zivon Ais at the helm, AIS Cleaning Service is committed to delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services that exceed the expectations of clients in Douglas County and beyond.

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